Thursday, March 22, 2012

International Fitness Week ( IFW ) @ Fitness First

As i were tweeted yesterday, the workout hall is jam up with people! 
Today, I'm doing my RPM, and were told there's will be free style training comprises of TRX, Bosu, Kettle bell  and Viper. 

Below is my RPM workout... 

The instructor gave us Berocca tube each to everyone... with the Berocca motivation, we tend of push more. haha... 

Calories: 690 kcal 
Training load: 144 

Below is the free style training as celebrate IFW. No more free style training, you gotta wait for next year! hehe 

It's 5 workouts for 1 minute each with 1 minutes transition. 
you can see the lines are like hills... 

Calories: 529 kcal
Training load: 102

On another side, my RCX5 watch need to reset all the data on workout like every month.
The last reset was made on 16 Feb 2012, few days before my Hong Kong 100 on 18 Feb 2012.

Since 16 Feb 2012, until now, 21 March 2012, my RCX5 computer watch is 98% full.
It's time to reset and delete all the data in watch.

You able to see how's intensive, frequent i do my workout. .

Wrote at 12:51am, 22 March 2012. 

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