Friday, March 30, 2012

#Cycle2Work & Share Out Roads

Since the recent accident on cyclist hit and run by driver. 
A group of passionate cyclists started "Share Our Roads" awareness campaign. 
You can find the campaign on facebook page below: 

Like it! Support it. 

Last time, when i'm were training for Ultra, I have thought of run to work. 
But it's never happened as the current office facilities are not encourage "run to work" culture. 
Killed off immediately. 

Now, with cycling fever, and my soon to be new office which is a "Green Building" as claimed, I have this hope on #Cycle2Work. 
I'm been tweeting #Cycle2Work hashtag since last week. 

There's also some self brainstorming over twitter with #Cycle2Work hashtag. Syok sendiri ya! 
There's some considerations needed to solve before Cycle to work can be realised. 

1. Route - which route to cycle is safe? Tristupe dot com suggested "setapak-sentul-duta-pencala-surian-kota dsara-office. Est 35km one way." - now you can guess where's my office would be located? hehe... 
2. Shower facilities - new building, green building, i'm not sure whether this would be available or not. 
3. I need a big backpack - to store my working cloths, my working shoe and etc etc... 

These were some of considerations i thought of... 
Out of sudden I got surprises! There's my friend replied me on the topic. 
He mentioned "parking for bike" is not available. Where to park his thousand ringgit roadbike in office. You can't ask him to park below the office! It's would be easily targeted ! 

4. Bike Parking? I cant think of anywhere but my office inside. Dirty? uses service lift to go up the building. I thinks my boss would allow me to park my "bike" in the some where corner of office. 

Anyway, I still have 5 months grace period to survey, to consider, to get ready on #Cycle2Work. One fine Saturday will try to cycle to new office place. One fine day will find big backpack. Basically nothing much to prepare, but just waits for the right time for action. 

Any suggestion on #Cycle2Work? Anything that i'm left out, or omitted or not aware off?
 Welcome feedbacks. 


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Darkest Pain said...

Good one bro, please preach safety riding ! please ride safe also ! take care and have a good ride this weekend !

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