Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twilight Ultra Challenge 2012 Race report

I'm almost can't make it to starting point of Twilight Ultra Challenge on 11 March 2012, Sunday morning 12:00am as I forget to bring my passport out ! I'm only realised i forget to bring my passport with me when i'm reaching bus station at Bangsar for 2:30pm bus to Singapore. 

Panic mode for few seconds. Cool down, relax, brain start to thinks. I need to go back home to take my passport, i only left 45 mins to departure. It's terrible jam on Saturday noon. Wont able to make it. So instead rushing back home straight away, i decided proceed walk to bus office, to put down my luggage and ask for next bus available to Singapore. Phew, there's another trip to Singapore in 2 hours time, which is 4:30pm. Okay, 2:30pm bus ticket is burnt and buy another new one. 

Took LRT back home and come out reaching back at bus office around 4:00pm. Bus depart at 4:30pm sharp. No one was with me. Enjoying #foreveralone movement all the way till Singapore. Traffic jam, raining on the way, and managed to reached Singapore around 10:30pm. Took MRT to Pasir Ris and cab to reach at East Coast Park around 11:20pm. Still have some time for change and prepare. 

Finally have chance to photo with Ada Suka. Met him for second time, as 1st time was at HK100. 

Ben, the race director of Twilight Ultra Challenge. 

It's just started, i'm start to take photo. I'm were so hungry, i'm planning to have Burger King when flagged off. Sad to know that Burger King was located at opposite direction where we flagged off. I will be only passby Burger at 7KM point. So i "tahan" my hungry-ness... 


Finally got my Burger King refuel... 

Coke drink! Awesome
Twilight Ultra Challenge was just 3 weeks after HK100 and i'm only ran 4km in the Saturday morning with RunnersMalaysia group and that's it my training for TUC. My knee was sore so bad until it's took more than usual period to recover. Weird thing was, the 4KM run with RunnersMalaysia group giving me feel good and green light to run more mileages! But it's seem not the case. My knee start to feel pain just after 4KM in TUC. But still i continue to run / walk... 

Name on the list! 

Full range of Hammer Nutrition! 
Weird thing i noticed, i'm only get to know Hammer nutrition brand when i'm start cycling. It's been selling in bike shop which i found it's really helps in my cycling. Moreover, i managed to use Hammer nutrition in my HK100 run! hehe... Now you know how i can achieve 23 hours timing in HK100 ! 

Innov8 - quite new in running community in SG and hardly seen in Malaysia. 

Photo taken by Mohan Marathon. Thanks Mohan. 
I was on full SKINS compression top and tight to prepare for TUC. 

Yeah... we concurred TUC...

Oh yeah! i did not mention how many KMs i completed in Twilight Ultra Challenge right? 
See below! 

yay! i completed my Twilight Ultra Challenge with 15KM clocked. No need to feel shame. 
At least i know I'm not yet fully recover from HK100. 

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