Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Salomon X-Trail Run 2011

Salomon X-Trail Run was my 1st ever trail running race. 
Since i'm into trail running since 2011 July, the Salomon X-Trail run came in handy which held on 11th Sept 2011. 

For the 1st time, I'm getting to know Salomon more closer. 

The trail start with muddy water ! 

First time running at UPM... It's really nice! 

The whether was cooling as there's were rains in yesterday night! 

The trail, not that bad... 

Going up hills... 

Going up hill slowly enjoying every movement of trail running @ UPM 

Look who behind me! hehe... 

From top over look the lake and highway... 

Salomon X-Trail run number 1 supporters ! 

Photo with No.1 supporters ! haha 

Grass trail while going uphills again. 

Was in the mood as TMBT was just about 2 months away! 
(dam, i still remember it, as i'm now writing it after 7 months, *faint* ) 

It's just feel so peaceful and quite... 

Peaceful lake as background... 

Photo with Mohan 

My NewBalance MT101 served me well... 
No problem! 

Trail running = Salomon
Salomon =  Killian Jornet.

No doubt, trail running was another new chapter in my usual running. 

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