Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cycling path - Gears

Sunday ride 080412 to Titi and back which i mentioned i had 3 flats in the last 15KM.
Initially I thought i was went off road a bit and it's the source of flats, but i'm seem wrong.
I changed new tube and pump 110 psi and my  burst ! OMG...
How could this happened!

Side wall burst! gone. $$$ fly.... 

Just comparing old tube vs new tube... 

I have not done any survey on new tyre as i did not expect i need to change one so soon! I have totally zero preparation / knowledge / budget on which to get. It's all depend on the shop recommendation. 

Since started to ride on November 2011, prior to last Sunday ride, i'm only have 2 flat. 
1 front and 1 back. Life is good. All these was prior to cycle @ Hulu Langat Peres. 

Lesson learnt: Any tiny change in bike braking can cause tyre wall being wore out and subsequent tyre burst!  Be sensitive to bike. Be sensitive to bike... 

Lastly, some gossip. Today, after 100km ride to Batang Berjuntai, I got a chance to meet with a P2K veteran who retires 2 years ago... He talks... talks... talks... 
oh yeah, the main point is he is making return to action in cycling! 重出江湖! 

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