Sunday, April 08, 2012

Weekend Cycling Ride 070412 - First time

First time ride at Hulu Langat route. 
First time ride with Team Magnum. 
First time climbed Perez. 
First time having breakfast at Titi. 
Yummy Wan Tan Mee breakfast as re-fuel...

First time visit Kuala Klawang. 
First time climbed Bukit Tangga. 
First time top speed hit 73km/hr. 
First time had delicious watermelon after Bukit Tangga
First time climbed the rolling hills on Lenggang 
First time cycled till Broga. 

Oh yeah... Completed Broga loop "pondan" as called by cyclist... 
It's a bloody hell ride of 122KM. Glad i completed it! 

It's was Saturday ride. I still have another 100km Sunday ride.... 

As usual, when back at home, whole body is hot... hot.. I'm hot... Keep drinking water, having fruits and even purposely brought Timun and just eat plain like that! I'm desperate for recovery. 

Btw, thanks to Kelvin for invite to tag along with Pulley. 

On another note, since whenever we cycle to Bukit Tinggi / Batang Berjuntai / Batu Arang / Titi / Mantin / Seremban, I always order Wan Tan Mee and the kopitiam / shops that we stopover do sells Wan Tan Mee... haha... 

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