Monday, April 23, 2012

Cycling - November 2011

Cycling, cycling always my childhood activities back at hometown. I cycled to school, cycle around villages and sometime will try to explore kampung road. It's was just plain exploration and excitement when jump on bicycle. 
As growing up, the need for speed grow. During secondary school time, i got the most expensive mountain bike in town to ride! Feel so good with 21 speeds. Almost everyday, cycle up side down in my hometown... 
After secondary school, left hometown for study in Penang, since then hardly ride on bicycle. 
Just when back at hometown only have chances to ride. 
Cycling time almost become zero over the years... 
In 2009, i get to know my old man colleague is a passionate cyclist ! It's was a good enjoyable able to chat with him about bikes. Learning from him piece by piece. 
While at that time, my friend also have interested to start cycling. So i'm were gathering information about bikes. 

I even borrowed my old man's cycling magazine to scan and sent it to my friend for reference. 

Guess i'm so excited about cycling with my friend. 

But i never realised that whatever shown in magazine are huge different from the real world outside plus the affordability of a entry level roadbike. 

The figure on magazine is quoted in USD... 

Anyway, it's just for reference and for knowledge. 

Since 2009, I'm been getting information about roadbike. 
It's always talk about cycling with my old man colleague. He shares every single bikes information and cycling news. Yet, he never push me to get a roadbike plus i'm still waiting for my friend. 

Old man colleagues retires last year August 2011. From 2009 until 2011, i'm been getting feeding bikes information. In 2009, I went Taiwan, and i got myself a helmat, a CatEye speed meter, a small hand pump, hand glove which i'm anticipate im going to start cycling soon, some where 2010. 

Nothing is concluded in 2010 as waiting for friend. Still waiting. In 2011, I completed my Sundown Ultra 100KM and completed another 100KM TMBT ultra. Friend no respond. Thank to my old man ex-colleague tips, i managed to get the roadbike which suite me after all these long period of getting feeding on bike info. 

In November 2011, I'm officially start my cycling journey. 

The rest is history. No turning back. Looking forward to my 1st ever major cycling event - 3 days Inter-State 2012. :) 

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