Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Run KL 10K - 2012

Much anticipated Nike We Run KL 10K 2012 race. I saw this photo being shared. Not sure how accurate the information. As we can see below, the date falls on 13 October 2012, 5:30pm which is Saturday evening. Start Jln Ampang. End Dataran Merdeka. 

Logistic will be a headache for runners. Anyway, for me, i would park my car at nearby Dataran Merdeka, perhaps Bukit Aman Car Park, then walk to nearest Putra LRT station take LRT to Jln Ampang. .

Another cheaper option would be by bus! Car still park at BA Car Park, walk to Masjis India and take any bus which show "jln Ampang" sign. From Jln Leboh Ampang, the bus will travel along the road and into Jln Ampang. 

Hope my suggestion able give some hints, idea on logistic for the Nike We Run KL. 


Pearly said...

May i know how to register?

vin_ann said...

Hi Pearly,

you can follow closely on Nike Running Malaysia on FB updates on Nike 10K run!

link as below:

Based on past experience, only online registration allowed. But it's seem now University category registration is available via manual at campus when Nike doing their roadshow at campus. u need to follow up closely on their fb updates.

Unknown said...

Hey, hi...I would like to know which stop should I go off to reach Jalan Ampang from Kelana Jaya. Is it KLCC stop?

vin_ann said...

HI Samantha,

As at today, at this movement, there's no official details about where about Jalan Ampang.

Stay tune. Will updates when there's confirmed information from Nike.

Aurelie said...

Hi, i searched through the nike malaysia facebook page, i cannot find anything about online registration.

Do you have the exact link? please reply soon.
I would like to participate this year as i missed out last year's one. thanks a lot!

vin_ann said...

hi QY !

Did you know that your question is now worth million dollar!

Everyone is looking for million dollar question! As you mentioned, Nike Running Malaysia never reply or post about #WeRunKL.

Wait and be patient are what you can do now!

♥LiNgs♥ said...

what i received from my school is will be start from zouk club and end at dataran merdeka. :D
hope that this is useful for you =)

Aurelie said...

Hahaha thanks for the reply. indeed, i actually tweeted to nike and asked about it. they say they'll announce it real soon.

just wondering but why schools, colleges and some other places offer registration? is it like an early bird thing? How did you registered?

vin_ann said...

Hi Q Y,

it's the Nike priority to students and they opened booth for manual registration.

Aurelie said...

Oh I see. Thanks a lot. Good luck for the race.

Kim Yao NG said...

Hi there, i need a clarification regarding the event date , is that the event will held on 13 or 14 Oct 2012? I also saw several different event time as well, i saw from a paper from my school DSA, shown that the event will held in the morning 7 am . Appreciate ur reply ,have a nice day

vin_ann said...

Hi Yao,

the correct date is 13 oct, 5:30pm.

By now, you should be getting the info all over from FB and bloggers who received official media updates.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for it. Hope I can make it for registrations. But dataran will be a distance to come back to Jalan Ampang if we're parking the car in Ampang area. Hmm...

Unknown said...

I can't wait for & hope I don't miss the registration this year since I knew it earlier.

But Jalan ampang to dataran merdeka would be a distance to walk back to the car if we're pakring in Jalan ampang area... hmm.

vin_ann said...

Shannon !

You can refer to here:

Take LRT back or bus.

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