Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touch 'N Go Centre @ KL Sentral

It's Friday. it's during fasting month. To be honest, i'm trying my luck to buy a smart tag during Friday lunch hours, skipped my lunch and just had bread in the car while driving to KL Sentral.

There's only two counters available to service the CUSTOMERS. Fasting month? no idea. TnG centre should be sensitive on Friday lunch time would be peak period where everyone like me trying to settle / buy Touch N Go card or Smart Tag. 

Took my number. 2027 while there's 2022, only 5 numbers in front of me. I was thinking, 5 should be fast. Whose know i'm wrong! )(*&^%$#@!@$%^&&.... i waited bloody 45 mins to reach my turn! 

During the 45 mins, nothing else better to do, thus observation ! There's weakness in Touch n Go Centre, which the staffs never bother to care / take note even it's just small matters which would be able to reduce the waiting time for customer and better processing! 

For example, i'm buying Smart Tag. What's a procedure to buy a smart tag? Filling the form? or just give me the bloody smart tag device and take my money! 

It's turn out i need to fill in a form. Thus i'm filling the form when im express my intention to the customer service personnel. Few minutes are wasted. I can have fill the form in advance when i'm waiting. 

While for reloading TnG card, there's another counter. The girl keep shouting "Who want reload can come to here!" Yet there's not many people reloading their TnG card....! 

Please la, Touch N Go, you already in the monopoly business, all highways are using Smart Tag, please improve your service to serve your customers! We know, you know, i know, we always heard "Customer is KING" and this failed to apply to Touch N Go Centre! 

Okay. End of my 2cents ranting on getting a smart tag! 
Please dont sue me TnG. Open your heart and accept my 2cents pls. 


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Unknown said...

vin Ann: I have the same problem as well... last 3 years i bought at the counter need to queue up 45 min.. bla bla bla from them... ='(

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