Saturday, September 21, 2013

Malaysia Armed Forces day - Perarakan Raksasa ATM 2013

The KL folks been complaining about the fighter jet flying around their offices, loud sound, annoying sound over the social media in the weekdays and include today also. 

But they never bother to visit the Perarakan Raksasa ATM day at Dataran Merdeka. I'm always wanted to visit and find out more about our army forces who protect our country. 

After i did my 10km double hill run, and also breakfast at Brickfield, i realized i have spare time! Thus i'm landed myself at Dataran Merdeka for the showcase of army forces. 

Always seeing tanker from far. Today i see it in front of my eye and touch it. 

Lot of kids are queuing to feel the gun! 

Argh. Once upon a time, they're famous in battling the enemy in Sabah. Suddenly cant recall the special forces name. 

Guess what i spotted in Dataran Merdeka! Two cute kids! 

With tourists. 

Spotted this special force too! 

Tank !!! 

Walking, walking and i came to this booth where the officer let me to wear the real size of parachute bag and the big bag army wear during their combat. It's big and heavy, during the training, army walks 120KM with the bag, the weight not include guns yet. I were imagined that I can run/walk for 100km but with much much lighter weight of my hydration pack! What's i'm compared to these! Army Rock!   

Not everyday you can spot these plate numbers. haha... 

Today and tomorrow Sunday 22 Sept, there's basically whole army departments are opening their booths to recruits youngsters to joins army. Air force, Navy, Army etc etc many more! 

Youngsters,  if you're dream to protect our beloved Malaysia, it's your opportunity first step to realize your dream by sending your application by tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka! Dont miss it. 

Another army equipment on display at Dataran Merdeka. Tomorrow, after my LSD and breakfast, i shall bring my EPL-2 Olympus camera and go tour again, if everything are smooth. 

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