Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20KM 2009

it's the day, the time have come, to put me on test.
as usual, i will be using my W610i hp to listen MP3 all the ways.

it's 4.00am. my alarm rang... feel abit lazy to wake up.
i only wake up at 5.00am and went out at 5.15am.

since it's a 20km run, which is consider my first time running on it, i will be just doing slow pace and try not to stop anywhere.

6.45am, we all takes off from the Lake garden. after we exit the Lake garden and heading to Bank Negara, my hand free right side got some problems! my sound is breaking up on the right side while left side is fine.

OMG... please do not breakdown at this time, this movement, as i need it very much. just before reach Bank Negara, my right side hand-free is "KONG" dead. nothing can be done, but only to concentre on my left side hearphone.

My Running pleasure is reduce by half. yet, i still have to continue to finish it.
Run, run, run... a slow pace...

uphill must run with full energy and downhill is on relax mood, using gravity to running down.
with this pace, im only stop for drinking at the water station.

i never realised that i can run 20km without stop. it's really amazing. previously is running 10km without stop also. i thinks, agains must thanks to my mp3. Without it, i thinks i will be "pancit" very fast...

i managed to finished my 20km with timing of 2 hours 29 minutes! i thinks shd be quite ok for me 1st time running 20km. Next run will be improve my time.

Next year, also beginning of the 2010, i will be joining the 30km category, as those who finished 30km run they got a FREE T-Shirt, state 30km finisher at the back, which is i find it interesting, as most of the races, they only give Finisher t-shirt for 42km which is half marathon.

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