Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolution re-visited

Searching my mail box... type: "resolution", and i found my 2006 New Year Resolution my blog post entry.

2006: New Resolution
  1. Pass my ACCA exam. - Yeah, i got it on June 2007 sitting.
  2. Learn as much as i can during work. - really learnt alot in audit.
  3. Take good care of my teeth. Prevent another lost of teeth. - my teeth is in good care.
  4. Reduce weight. - just only recently managed to reduce some weight.
  5. Get a girl friend. - Still un-achievable. *sweat*

Challenge stay a head

  1. Study and works at the same time.
  2. Works pressure
  3. Study pressure
  4. Short of time
hmmm... my 2007 resolution i didnt blog it. oh yeah, i know 2007 31 Dec im was rushing down to JB for 1st Jan 2008 stocktake!

then continue with busy audit life.

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