Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midvalley Parking fee Increased.

since the opening of The Garden, the parking got segregated into few zones. Among the zones, my favourite parking zone is the Premier Zone.

Initially, i dare not to park at the Premier Zone, as the name suggest, it's premier and might cost more expensive parking. until 1 fine day, i decided to try park at the Premier zone.

To my surprised, it's same rate as other zone. since then, Premier zone have become my favourite zone.

Good time did not last. Finally today, i saw the notice of New Car park Rates...

The Premier zone is only applicable for The Garden parking space, while the Mid valley Megamall did not affect.

Premier zone:
Weekdays : 1st 3 hour RM5.00
subsequent Hour RM2.00

Weekends / Public holiday : 1st 3 hour RM7.00
Subsequent hour RM2.00

Zone U:
Weekdays: 1st 3 hour RM1.00
Subsequent hour RM1.00
Maximum charge per day RM7.00

Weekends/ Public Holiday : 1st 3 hour RM3.00
Subsequent hour RM1.00
Maximum charge per day RM9.00

Oh... the New Rate is only applicable to Zone U, level 4, 5b, 5a and level 5c to 7.

my favourite parking is always the B2 and B3... lucky, im still saved.

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