Thursday, March 03, 2011

Standard Chartered KL Marathon - Road Runner Contest

This year, SCKLM is a totally different year! Now SCKLM have this Road Runner Contest on the Facebook!

Share your running tips and following the instruction below to win cash vouchers totaling by RM2,000!

Act Now!

To share your entry with your friends, you can always go to:
1) Standard Chartered KL Marathon facebook page
2) Click on Road Runner on the left of the page
3) Click on Enter
4) Find your desired entry to share (if you have more than one) and
5) Click on Share - to post it on your wall.

You can do this to remind your friends to vote for your entry.
They can vote once every day!

The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning the prize!

Good luck, everyone!

There are two ways to get your friends, or even friends of your friends to vote for you:

1. Go to your wall, and look for your post on the Road Runner contest
2. Click on " My Tip" and it will lead you back to the SCKLM contest page
3. Click on the " Share" button at the bottom right
4. And a new post will appear on your personal wall

1. repeat step 1 & 2 as above
2. Copy the URL of that page, then post it on your wall
3. This way, friends of your friend will be able to see your post on their wall as well

With that, your friends could respond on the wall post, and react on it by voting you!


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