Friday, March 25, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection - E@Curve

This morning my scheduled posting post on Energizer Night Race 2011 - Race Kit Collection about location of the Race kit collection. The first round of Race Kit collection kicked start today 10am until 10pm until Sunday. 

Today, i went to collect my Race Kit after my works. 

Please take note that, Race kit collection for 5.5km category is located at outside E@Curve between Fitness First and Laundry. If you're running 5.5km, look for this board.   

Not many people when i was there around 7.00pm. 

Basically the 5.5km is under the bridge! 

Next, so you might ask, where's the other categories! Where's 11km, 21km & 42km ! 

Its all inside the E@Curve !  

Fuyoh! You gotta take number for your categories !  

After got your number, waiting for number to be call!  

11km counter is on your right side while 21km is on your left side which im not shown in here. 

 42km is at the Centre ! Yeah... Guess, its normal 42km category is the least participants joining if comparing to 21km & 11km. 

Ah.. Im really forget to take my Power im busy taking photos and im hungry! After got my bib, i went to cari makan for my dinner ! 42km runners, remember to claims your power gel at Power Bar Booth outside! 

The claiming process is simple. I received my postcard and im just show it to the staff with my IC for verification. Its done! I got my Race bib package within 2 minutes ! hehe 

Argh... my beloved postcard have to be teared! sob sob sob... and FabioLee postcard have to surrender back to organiser as proof im collected my Race Bib! sob sob.. I cant get FabioLee's signature on the postcard anymore. :(  

Its all inside! Energizer Night Race is using Champion chip for recording time. 

After got your package, remember to come to this counter to activate your champion chip ! Place your chip on the device on the table...  

Vola, my name is appeared on the screen! Its done! Completed my Race kit bib collection! Make sure your name is correct! 

For 42km category, you will be given headlight during collections while other categories have to bear from now until on the race day itself only will be given the headlight. 

Be patients 5km, 11km & 21km runners, yay ! 

If you can not stand the waiting, next year come join us 42km! You can get your headlight during Race Kit Collection! hehe... 

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