Sunday, March 13, 2011

Protest Against the "Tsunami" Cartoon in Berita Mingguan

This cartoon was published in Berita Harian.
While everyone is #PrayForJapan, and the cartoonist makes fun of the Tsunami in Japan.

This is so wrong! Below is the apology message from Berita harian in the facebook.

BERITA HARIAN memohon maaf dengan penyiaran karikatur mengenai kejadian tsunami dan gempa bumi di Jepun dalam akhbar Berita Minggu hari ini. Pihak kami tidak berniat langsung untuk mempersendakan bencana yang menimpa negara itu, sebaliknya amat bersimpati dan berkongsi kesedihan dengan rakyat Jepun. - Pengarang


On the hand, there's also an online petition.

To:  The editors of Berita Mingguan/ Berita Harian
We, the undersigned, members of the online Malaysian community and the general public, protest the cartoon published by BERITA MINGGUAN, the BERITA HARIAN weekend paper, in Page XX under Ragam depicting Ultraman (a japanese cartoon super hero) running away from a huge wave labled “Tsunami” drawn by Mohd Zohri Sukimi or more commonly known as Zoy. ( Refer : )

On March 11, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, causing a tsunami that washed over its shores, overcoming houses, roads and whole cities. As of today March 13, 10am, the death toll from the Tsunami has rose to 689 with a total of 639 people missing and 1,570 injured. These numbers are mere estimates as some areas near Sendai City in Miyagi is inaccessible thus, the actual death toll might be higher. (Source : Bloomberg - )

We call upon the, the cartoonist and head of the Graphic unit, Mr MOHD ZOHRI SUKIMI, the editor in chief for BERITA HARIAN, DATUK MIOR KAMARUL SHAHID and the newspaper, BERITA MINGGUAN/BERITA HARIAN to issue a statement and official apology for printing a cartoon that is insensitive and disrespectful for making a joke of the natural disaster that hit Japan.

Note : Feel free to write to the following people regarding this issue
Berita Harian –
Berita Harian, News Desk –
Berita Harian, Editor in Chief, Datuk MIor Kamarul Shahid –
Berita Harian, Head of Graphic Unit, Mohd Zohri Sukimi (Zoy) –
NSTP Group, Chief Financial Officer, Mohamad Ariff Ibrahim –
NSTP Group, Head of Legal & Secretarial, Zafrul Shastri Hashim –
The Undersigned

For those who wish to sign the online petition, you can to go: Protest against the "Tsunami" Cartoon in Berita Mingguan (Berita Harian)

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