Sunday, February 22, 2009



There's a long long outstanding problems... i never bother to go solve it, as i can bank in cheque without from problems... and now i have a concern, which im dare not to take the risk on it.

my salary is going to bank in to my Maybank account. if the name shown is not the same, sure my pay wont be able to bank into my account!!!

my account's detail is showing wrong name which is: AUN.

on last Thursday i changed my ATM card to new Visa Debit ATM card and asked the staff there to check my name.

but the print out from the Maybank system (system which used in Maybank not Maybank2u) is showing the correct name: ANN.

Called the 1-300-88-6688.
The customer service suggest me go to the nearest maybank and ask them to liased with my home branch which is in Penang.

yesterday i went to Pavilion Maybank, which is open 7 days banking. They were helpful.

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