Sunday, February 08, 2009

Financial Planning

All this while, im trying to find the real financial planning.

read some of the articles on how's it being work, yet for myself to works it out, it's really hard.

somehow i do not know my own financial goal. What's my financial Goal?

besides that, im also wanted to find out the monthly premium i paid to insurance company is whether a correct way or not.

im always tell others that IM ALREADY OVER INSURED!!!

i have saving plan with insurance company.
i have medical plan with insurance company.
i have 4 in 1 life insurance with insurance company.

all this while, im trying to find "outsider" to give me opinion on the financial planning matter.

Finally, until yesterday, i managed to get where to looks for.

Is my running mate. He was tax director from 1 of the big4. He just resigned recently.
we all about 7 people had breakfast talks after we running.

it's was 1 of my running mate who asking whether he let go the property he own. then it's related with financial planning and every1 is get interested. at least got 3 people including me.

Im looking towards the meeting session. Where he will introduce his friend, who is real financial planner (not those insurance agent) who is really doing the practice and not just got the license.

Im wanted to get out of my negative financial status...

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