Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Telekom Modem

my internet connection is down when my housemate is accidently "pour" water on the modem.
it happened on sunday evening, since then i do not have internet access from home.

on Monday, after working hour, i went to Alpha Angle one of the computer shop, asking for modem.
in my mind, i wanted to get TELEKOM modem, modem ONLY. but the computer shop did not have the modem i wanted, althought it got put streamyx banner.

so this morning, 8.30am i went to TM point @ Titiwangsa to purchase TELEKOM modem. im was so confidence that they will have the modem and i can buy it from them immediately.

To my surprise, the customer service told me that, the modem is out of stock! OMG.. how this could happened!!! im really wanted to curse...

Since im going to get a new modem which is cost around RM69 quoted by the customer service, im also enquiry about combo package which i got interested on it since it introduction long time before.

She intro me the Combo Wireless @ home package where i will be given wireless modem router and it will have 1 year warranty by Telekom. after listening to her, i did not have much interested to get it.

back at home, around 6.30pm, i plug in again my modem and test. it got power again, but the DSL light is blinking and crazy. at one point, all the lights are blinking. then i testing and wanted to call for technical assistance using my house phone.

To my surprise again, NO DIAL TONE. suck-man... it's useless for me if im buying new modem other than Telekom modem. i cant test it immediately.

without second thought, i called the technical assistance using my handphone. wow, only few second, my call is being answered.

after explain my problem, he immediately log report for me.
after that, i asked him about streamyx combo package again. he explain to me in details to my questions asked as im ask quite details too.. haha...

then i found out that normal streamyx combo package (without wireless) have lifetime warranty by Telekom on the modem.. while im paying about RM5 less for my current bills.

it's worth the money for the lifetime warranty. whenever the modem have problem or malfunction, i can ask Telekom to change a new modem!

tomolo going to find out! and im also specifically requested the name of technical assistance, and double confirm on the availability of the normal combo package.

tomolo (10 June 09) 8.30am will find out...

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