Saturday, June 06, 2009

Skytrex Extreme Challenge

Finally, i managed to find the pictures with Trails Tracker group from facebook.

Our group photo before we start our challenge.

this is the toughest part and also the last challenge. we have to put our leg into the rings and cross over. Initially 1 rope have 2 rings... it's makes my movement abit easy to cross to another rope.

as im come to middle, the ring reduced to one. 1 rope only have 1 ring... i was struggle and figure out what leg movement is the best in order for me to cross to another ring... it's mental challenge and also used all my hand energy to control and body movement and my 1 leg to step in the ring to support me while my another leg moves to another ring.

yeah, i managed to cross for the 1st ring... and the rest, all i need to do is maintain and do the same movement again and again! it's real tough... im wondering how the girl in front of me managed to finished it... i can not lost to her! with the mental building up in mind, i step 1 by 1 to complete it.

Horey! our group have about 16 people and only 5 of us managed to complete it.

i thinks i can do better if this is not my first time coming here, while others come here for second time.

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