Monday, January 21, 2013

MPIB Run - 2013

First race of 2013, it's MPIB Run 2013 for 12KM distance. It's probably the first and the last race for short distance race in 2013. Previously, I always wanted to join race organized by Runners Malaysia, but somehow i missed it previous year. So come 2013, no matter what, how, why, where and when, i told myself i must join! 

As expected, MPIB run never fails to excite runners! I was surprised to see red balloons were given FREE to runners. So, without any hesitation, i went to get 1 balloon and tie to my hand! wahaha... Running with flying balloon....   

It's been such a long time since my last running photo during a running race.... Plenty of photographers were taking photo during a race!

Dont you just like love the balloons? 
Group photo with LYN runners group. :) 

Thank you everyone who taking photos of me and many other runners! 

269 A0733 TAN CHIN ANN Net time: 1:11:23 Gun Time:  1:12:45
269/1225. hmm not bad. not bad... :)

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