Thursday, January 10, 2013

Run & RPM - 100113 - Done

Running with group for 20km in the morning.
Did RPM Challenge session after work.

January the month to get legs tired and body to push to limits.

Distance: 20KM
Date: 10-01-2013, Thursday
Time: 5:15am.

As usual Thursday, running with the group for 20KM. Start off with fresh legs, but soon after that i can feel my legs were not warm enough, getting slow while going uphills. only after some 20 minutes, i got the feel back but then, i feel my legs dont have much power. FYI, this week, since Monday, i'm been few sessions of RPM and running.

Powerless legs, but still can run without any problems. Just have to bear it. 1km after another km...

遇到她, 与之前一次相遇比, 果然变了。看来驶出什么十八式的避开我。

Reached at Petronas ngam ngam 1 hour, and back to car park took me much longer as my fuel tank was almost empty. it's only can last me 1 hours 30mins and i start to feel hungry! Gr... i still have another 6KM to go.. aka 40mins like that... just depends on water, i know it's part of parcel in my training. I'm gotta be stronger.

When uphills, i walked. Downhills, i ran!

RPM Challenge Session
Time: 6.45pm

Somehow, every sessions are FULL HOUSE! Really kanasai when i'm "late". Late as in there's so many people Q in front of me although im step into gym 20 minutes earlier before the session start. Today's session start 6:45pm, i reached at gym at 6:02pm, and there's already 10 people in front of me! *Kiasu* mode on!

Q and register.

Although morning had 20km run, evening RPM, i still can feel my legs. Still managed to push my heart rate up to 170, at least it's good for me.

6 out of 32 RPM sessions completed today.

It's now the recovery game and nutrition playing important part beside running and RPM like almost everyday since Monday.

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