Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Long weekend - 26-28 Jan 2012.

Look what i did over the 3 days long weekend! Jelly legs are the outcome after 3 days.

26 Jan 2013, Saturday, started my run with easy and short run, which was my first run of the week. I have been focusing doing RPM sessions, which i found myself detoured out from running.

Was running with Jamie's Gold Coast Marathon training group. Something that i needed to run in group. Its was a good run! oh yeah, running with Jamie, if you still have breath to talk, ask anything to Jamie about running, he will be glad to answering your questions provided you can catch up with him! I was running and listening... hehe...

Inaugural Gold Coast Airport Marathon Group Training. Head on to the FB page to get the latest updatehttp://www.facebook.com/groups/158532364294895/

On Saturday evening, my original plan, run from Kepong house to Jalan Bandar, which im soon found out i'm really de-motivated to run on such bad running path condition. The traffic were so great, i'm risking my life on each every step i ran beside the road. Decided to make a turn back to home which gave me about 7.7km.

Slept around 11pm....

Sunday morning, a good sleep which im auto wake up around 6.00am and only started my run from Bukit Aman around 7pm plus...

A good slow run alone as im were late. Saw friend wave hand Hi and Bye style. =.='

After run, went to Petaling Street for breakfast. This round it's Pork Noodle! Yummy... Then went back to home for nap.

Then, suddenly message came in! Invitation to run at FRIM at 1:30pm! WTF... its hot ! Anyway, running under hot sun are no longer strange to me. My yet to post Beaufort 60k and Thailand Ocean to Ocean were good hot running race! Thus joins friend for FRIM afternoon run... I can start to feel my legs getting jelly feel.

At evening, I went to visit Batu Caves! Parked my car some 3-4km away, walked to Batu Caves, climbed up the staircase went inside, pray, came down, back to car, all done within 2 hours 30mins...
Batu Caves really crowded during night time! 

On Monday morning, planning to have another 20km LSD, but somehow cut short.

Started alone with my own slow pace. Really slow one. Until Mr Vijay came from behind, and im like recharged and motivated to keep pace with him...I cant believe my jelly legs still can run that pace...

Guess it's power of buddy!

Then, the rest, are my recovery time.

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