Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Extreme Ride 2013 - RPM - 3 hours

This extreme ride 2013 is organized by the gym i join, won't be mentions since it's not sponsored post nor would encourage anyone to join the gym. 

Previously when im looked at the poster, it's show a man riding mountain bike... i was wondering, how on earth a gym encourage its members to ride mountain bike. Not really keen on it. 

As coming back from the new year in Penang where my Malakoff Interstate Fellowship ride and eating marathon took place, when back at KL, busy with closing. No time to rest. 

While on 3rd of Jan 2013 (Thursday), even busy with closing, i promised group to run 20km... we started at 5:15am and on that day, i only had 5 hours of sleep... I'm the still same old me, the constant speed which wont be able to run faster nor slower... Just clocked 18km for 2 hours of running time. 

Surprisingly, i felt my running were okay although initially i felt sore on my legs due to muscles were not warming up. At evening after work, went to gym for RPM... i need to flash out my acid from Malakoff interstate ride. 

that's where i heard explanation from the instructor about this "Extreme Ride 2013"... Rupa-nya need to get the 32 attendances of RPM sessions to entitle for registration of 3 hours RPM session.... which started on 2nd Jan 2013... 

Zzzz.... somehow it's spike my interest to join the challenge... just minimum of 4 RPM sessions per week for 8 weeks. It's can be part and parcel of my Ultra running training which sound so wrong. I'm been thinking and considering whether my decision is right or not... 

Today I'm just figuring out. How many minutes i spend in RPM session, and it's going to be double of RPM time to spend in running. Hope I'm making the right decision and achievable decision. Let's wait and see. 

As at todate: 7th Jan 2013, I attended 4/32 since 3rd Jan 2013 my first session. I decided in order to make good use of the RPM session, i shall wear my heart rate monitor... 

Except my 1st RPM session, i did not wear my heart rate monitor..... 

Let's see how's im going to mix my RPM session with my running.  

Btw, since 2nd Jan, i'm partially being screwed by WhatsApp as i need to updates my iOS 4.2.1 to latest iOS, somehow, each time i try to updates also fails... since 2nd Jan.... FML... I'm writing this as im downloading iOS file manually... been waiting the download to complete. Another big screwed again which i foresee i'm going to cancel the download and sleep. Tomorrow shall be running at evening! 

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