Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bukit Aman - Hartamas 20km 23 Aug 09

Like usual, today we start our 20km run at 5.30am.
most of us arrived before 5.30am and we all start the run sharp at 5.30am.

like usual, my starting is abit suffeing, muscle and engin is not warm enuogh, my muscles are feeling the pain, when im start to uphill at KTM, and it continue until bukit tunku uphill and the pain is gone after i downhill.

When we reach at the IRB jln duta, big cool wind is blowing! so cool and nice! we enjoyed it. i thinks this is the first time that wind is blowing in the early morning...

my run until Petronas station clock about 1hr 13mins, which i cut through some short cut.

Brought a drink at Petronas and rest for 5 minutes and we start to run back!

i feel something wired after try to running back. Something is wrong with me but i still can run quite comfortable, just waiting something to happen to me.

Perhaps im was way behind my running mates, i feel abit lost motivation and trying hard to keep the pace to catch up with them. Then the problem happened. my chest feel pain.

Breathing become hard and painful for me to continue to run. i walk and i feel better...
Walk and run, walk n run again, finally completed my walk run in 2hr 45 mins in total...

While my previous 20km run on Sunday, im running without problems which im managed to complete in 2hr 30mins...

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