Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road ID

i come to know Road ID through Running Asia Forum.
visiting the Road ID website, reading the testimonials..
at the first place, im asking myself, do i really need it?

Some questions was asked to myself:
1. Do my running mates know my emergence contact?
Ans: they mostly know where do i park my car, should be able to get my hp.

2. What if during marathon / run / race where im running alone, others might not know me.
Ans: True.

The above is the sample wording that im key in.

Cost: USD 19.99 + shipping USD 2.49 = USD 22.48 @ RM3.5 = RM78.68

for a roughly RM80, i can run in less worried mood.

Outstation / Oversea marathons
i thinks i need to alert my running mates on the emergence contact when we all travelling outstation / oversea marathon.

Coming Oct, my friends and i will be traveling to Kota Kinabalu for Borneo marathon.
Coming Nov, my friends and i (Cari gang) will be traveling to Penang for Penang Bridge International Marathon.
Coming Dec, my friends and i (Runners Malaysia gang & Cari gang) will be traveling to Singapore for Standard Chartered Singapore marathon.

Beside that Road ID, there are some other products which emphasis on the safety of runners.
feel interested to get 1, but before that need to determine whether do i need it.

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