Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wow... i never see this kind of situation in Malaysia... Perhaps im just a newbie in running... Coming December, its going to be eye-opening for me this katak di bawah tempurung!

Now im understand why all my running mates recommend me to run full marathon in Singapore! Seeing the pictures above already giving me boast!


Do you like to inspire others to push their limits? Join us as a volunteer on Sunday, 6th December 2009!

Give out a drink, lead the way, flash your best smile and simply just be there to help the runners complete their race! You’ll have fun, meet great people, enjoy the thrill of victories and make someone’s day.

More than 4,000 volunteers dedicated their time and energy to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in 2008 which attracted a whopping 50,000 runners. Without the enthusiasm and continual support from the community and people like YOU, the race would not have been the wonderful success it was!

Be an invaluable part of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009! Click "Volunteer Registration" to register either as an individual or as a group. Registration closes on Friday, 11 September 2009.


Be a Volunteer Leader!

We are looking for committed individuals who are interested to be Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 Volunteer Leaders.

If you think you meet one or more of the following attributes and are keen to be a volunteer leader, please send us an email at with the subject line “I want to be an SCSM Volunteer Leader!”. Please include your full name, mobile number and details of your past volunteer experience if any. Application closes on Tuesday, 1 September 2009.

We want you if you have:
❑Prior experience volunteering in previous SCSMs or other events
❑Good communication skills
❑An ability to stay calm and composed in emergencies or stressful situations
❑An ability to motivate a team of 15 to 30
❑Enthusiasm, self-motivation and initiative
❑A Positive attitude

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and invited to an informal interview in early September 2009. Email us now!

hmmmmmm, if im got no running, i might want to try it! Sound so professional!

now i know why Standard Chartered KL Marathon is a failure!!!

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