Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday 9 AUg 09

What a Boring Sunday without doing anything.

1st, my hiking trip is canceled last minutes last night.

2nd, my running gang is not running 20km at the Hartamas route but a new route which start from Segambut, which i saw the route map, "feel not safe" because of the traffic.

3rd, i got no other running group to join to run 20km.

4th, my cari gang is going to hike the Broga Hill... but not interested to join.

thinking hard what to do on Sunday morning, ended up this morning im overslept. Did not go to running, hiking and anything...

Doing some room cleaning, ironing shirts and also thought ask friends go for the Yuen Steamboat for diner. i sent out SMS to 1,2,3,4 friends... ended all reply can not, only 1 guy friend is confirmed.

at the same time, try to do my report. End Year have past, new financial year is coming in. i have to prepare report for month ended July 2009. Cracking my head and present the new format yet feel it's might not be sufficient information... still need to cracking my head harder abit...

2 guys having steamboat is wired! Just cancel the diner...

now exploring movie option... see whether have any seats available for last minutes show for G.I Joe.

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