Friday, April 09, 2010

adiNation of Runners

I have been joining running session with PM1 ronnie and other quite long time ago... my attendance to Lake Garden on Wednesday were not consistent...

i thinks i joined them last year when they 1st starting the running program with adidas early 2009 either 1st quarter or second half of 2009. I remember it was before Adidas King Of the Road  (KOTR) run. i learnt a lot from them and i was really motivated when running with them. Their "pia" spirit on running!

After the KOTR run, everytime running, we all wearing adidas orange vest! hehe... Now you know why you always see a bunch of people wearing orange adidas vest running around Lake Garden.

Some how some time last year, i did not join them anymore, as my running schedule was changed to morning weekday running! 4.30am wake up and 5.30am running double hill route from Bukit Aman Car Park. That was my peak performance! my fitness at the top!

Soon after that, its was my 1st full marathon 42.195km on December in Singapore. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) which im been prepared since March 2009. That's where i created my miracle where i managed to run my first ever Sub-5 marathon timing in my virgin marathon!!!

Some how, im too enjoyed with my victory, i slacked in running. Been trying hard to re-start my running slowly... On 17th January 2010 ( omg i cant believed i can remember this date) i ran NB 30km and managed to hit 3hr 28mins ! On this day, i signed up for the adiNation of Runners form, officially.

This is the adiNation of Runner card i received on 17th Jan 2010. 

But since then, my attendance to Lake Garden still not consistent. All about working, its been busy time, a lots of things to setup. 

Surprisingly, for past 2 weeks, i attended to Lake Garden without fails... i need to train back to improve my fitness level for my coming Sundown Marathon! eh, Sundown also by Adidas! Too bad, no discount given! Im paying SGD70 or RM175 for the marathon!!! and off course, its definately much better than marathon in Malaysia! Hope i can achieve my second sub-5 timing! 
After run, chop chop chop! haha... 

its never too late to get back running and more chop!! 

Very nice chop!!! 

Just now, im also officially become a member of adiNation of Runners Forum

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aizulhisham said...

hi. just want to ask. is this adination still exist? how to join? tq

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