Sunday, April 25, 2010

Apple's next phone - iphone 4G

This post entry, its been in my mind since im 1st saw the news on twitter on 18/19 April 2010.

Previously i was thinking between Iphone and Blackberry, which one as my next phone. DiGi been running some promotions on Blackberry some time back and also DiGi launching the iphone package which makes me want to get Blackberry / Iphone immediately.

That's me being seduced by promotions and all round poison in internet...

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

Im been judging between iphone and Blackberry... functions functions... and usage usage... 

When come to phones, i want to it to be an entertainment gadget but not for working... with this point alone, im more favoring towards iphone... 

Apple's Next Iphone exclusive picutres by Gizmodo

There's new saying Iphone 4G will be launch in the coming summer, which is June and some even mentioned 22 June 2010 is the date Iphone 4G will be launching... 

Let's wait and see... Wondering how fast Malaysia operators are able to launch the Iphone 4G after the launch in U.S.A.

The 1st to launch, get the 1st mover advantage.  

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