Friday, April 09, 2010

Myvi Extended Warranty

My vivi - which im owned since 23 May 2007. Coming to this 23 May 2010, my vivi will be 3 years old with anticipated mileage of 62,000km.

My silver vivi still shining as new! 

For your information, a normal myvi will comes with 2 years or 50,000km warranty, whichever which first. The Extended warranty are for additional 3 years or 75,000km. 

My extended warranty starts on 23 May 2009 until 22 May 2010 or 50,001km until 125,000km whichever come first. 

My 2 years warranty was lapse on 23 May 2009 which was 1 year ago! Lucky within this period from May 2009 until my last service, i got only 1 complain! i want to change my power window switch on passenger side! The Service centre wanted to charge me, but im insist that i have extended warranty program thing! 

I was asked to show my extended warranty  certificate if i were to claims the spare part for free. Argh.. i never come across on this matter before! Ok, i told the service centre, im will be back with my extended warranty certificate on the next service to claim my FOC parts! 

Today, just now, i was finding my PACM membership card because i wanted to register for New Balance Pacesetters 15km and i lost my PACM membership card and i did not have membership card for online registration and entitled RM10 discount for it... so im looking high and low, searching every files! 

Guess what im found! My myvi Extended Warranty Certificate! Weee... 
Extended Warranty Certificate, i found you! 

The Extended Warranty program is insured by Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Berhad. 

hmmm.. i guess im the only few numbers of Perodua users who still stick with Authorised Service Centre. Most of my friends, i mean my myvi club member were service their car outside (other than authorised service centre) after the first 3 free labour service charge! 

While lazy people like me prefer stick with Authorised Service Centre, no hassle, no need to thinks which oil to use, where to get good deal of the spare parts and etc etc... and markets also have a lots of fake oil, low quality spare parts which can jeopardize my be loved vivi! 

So far, my vivi still running good and healthy! Engine no problems! 

Lastly my picture of my vivi birthday ! 

  23 May 2007 you're registered with JPJ... 

Authorised Service Centre, im going to claims my FOC part on my coming next service which due on April or May 2010, omg... forget tim... hehe... 

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