Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas 20km LSD

Event: 20km Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas Running Training
Venue: Bukit Aman, KL
Date: 11 April 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 20km
Timing: - (did not wear watch)
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6

Since my last marathon on 27th March 2010 Saturday night, i have not run any long slow distance (LSD) run. Last Sunday ( 3rd April 2010) i tried to run 20km LSD but i give up due to my legs muscle pains. 

This week, im really dedicated / committed to run 20km LSD... must complete even whatever problems im facing! MUST... 

4.45am , put on my 2XU compression pant and head out to Bukit Aman Car Park gathering points. Its been long long time i did not see so many runners at this hours. So many runners were running LSD Hartamas route. Perhaps Sundown is coming and SCKLM too...   

My 1st km running was ok, and my legs start to giving me pain when im go up hills.. its a long distance up hill. I ran slowly in pain... really hope i can finish the hill and enjoy the down hill... The same pains which im suffering, but this time im more prepared and im going to take the pain with me... i run, run and turn into the junction, no turning back! i was still in pain... Passby Bukit Tunku area, then come to Jln Duta, cross over the pain still with me, i walk when uphill and run when down hill... 

I wanted to take short cut straight to Petronas Hartamas, but Sifu Terrence offer to pace with me via Matrade route which are 2km more! Running with him really works, at least i got someone to pace with or else i would have walking all the time. 

Pacing with Sifu makes me forget about the pain, although im still suffering the pain! Just run run and run! 

Refill at Mamak Bestari Solaris Dutamas 

Passing by Hartmas Shopping Centre 

Opposite Plaza Damas 3 

Finally reached at Petronas at Sri Hartamas 

I cant believe that im actually completed 12km with pain to reach at Petronas for some short break and refills. i brought along GU Gel and eat it with water... I was wondering how im going to run back to Bukit Aman if my leg still suffering pain! How? abit worry, but nothing i can do, but just run! 

i did not take the short cut, instead i take the longer route via Jln Sri Hartamas 3. Its was up hill starting from Petronas, and i have to walk... 

When downhill, i saw this view! so i took it... very nice! im enjoyed it. 
Taken from Jln Sri Hartmas 3, Sunraise view. 

It was downhill and i run.. weired feel i have! i thinks im just warm up! my legs no more pain! WTF... im feel so good, so nice, so great! Without second thought, im run as normal back to Bukit Aman... 

i was passing by the IRB Jln Duta and i saw this mail box! OMG... 

wah.. Mr Bean locking style! 

Guess the Pos Malaysia technical-man is Mr Bean's fan! 

Woot.. im just noticed there's Sids pubs branch at Bukit Tunku. 

Continue running back to Bukit Aman. OMG.. my stomach is in protest! its hungry! my stomach is playing drum and i can feel im getting tired and run slower... Lucky the last part of route were down hill... 

Im near to finishing point... my car my water are waiting me! 

Finally today i managed to complete 20km LSD with some usual muscle pain on leg.. its not a sign of injuries, and my knee giving no problems... i shall remain consistent on weekly LSD... 

p/s: im just decided to join Standard Chartered KL Marathon, and im registered a few movement ago! 

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