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Energizer Night Race 2010

Event: 42.195km Energizer Night Race 2010
Venue: Cyberjaya, KL
Date: 27 March 2010, Saturday
Time: 6.00pm
Distance: 42.195km
Timing: 5hrs 46 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6 

Based on my previous night marathon experience about 1 month plus ago, i learnt my lessons. Its either im not getting enough rest or carbo loading not enough. 

So on 27 March morning, im keep eating. Chicken rice add big rice , a lots of fruits and yogurts. After eating, im resting and sleep as much as i can. Actually my carbo-loading already started since Thursday. Every meal i ordered were big portion! 

Around 4.00pm, i left home heading to Cyberjaya. Based on the leaflet, there is not parking nearby the starting point and we have to park at designed parking area and take shuttle bus to starting point. I parked some where near to bus stop and took shuttle bus to the starting point. 

Im consider late if compared to my other Cari Runners. Put my baggage to the counter and suddenly they so interested to take photo with me... =.='' 

Cari Runners 

Then we walked to the starting point. While walking there, i met with runwitme Pueh Tian. 

Thank you runwitme for the photo. 

The weather were so hot and the sky is clear! Sky is so blue and no cloud at all.... But the heat are not stopping us! We were doing our usual stuff! Cam-whoring !! hehe 

Which shoe is belong to me.. try to guess... hehe... 

V V V 
Im just love the 2 pictures above!!! 

Finaly group photo

Another Cari Runners group photo. 

My Pace band! 

The race start sharp at 6.00pm!!! 

The race starting at 6.00pm. Its bloody hot. I was hoping that my training will pay off. Since this is my 1st time using pace band, i was trying to run accordingly to the time. So my starting speed was 7.06 min per km. To bad, the organiser did not put enough distance marker! Argh... i only can checks against my timing for every 3km or 5km! 
have to take along Gatrode to keep me hydrate. Its hot hot hot! 

for the 1st hour of running in the hot sun, im almost wanted to give up! Argh... its the heat wave from sun! But surprisingly when im check against my timing with my pace band, im actually still within the target! Woot... 
early stage of running 

After im keep running, the sun were going down to west, the heat is reducing and im starting to feel tiring! i have planned to have my GU GEL for every hours of running. 1st hour, i have my GU gel and its powered me up and continue running. 
The lady in fashion! She is a fast runner, but the heat have beaten her! When im run pass her, she keep complaining about the heat! 

im still within my sub-5 target when im passed 15km mark. Although im feel glad about it, but i can feel my stamina is keep dropping! im getting slower and slower! At 15km mark water station, i finally can have some COOL water sponge!!! Its was so relief !  

Can see my face were in red!!! its hot hot hot and im getting tired! Run Run Run... 

When i passed at 20km mark, check against with my pace band, i have dropped out of my target by 7 minutes. Oh shit, my sub-5 target was getting away from me! im trying hard to improve my speed and im stagnant! i cant go faster but only can maintain my current speed, which is slower than 7.00 minutes per km! 

Im keep running, and im keep telling myself i can do it! When im passing 25km mark, and further my left leg muscle suddenly cramp, my muscle were like having electric shock... oh shit... cramp, i have to stop running and walking... 

walks for about few minutes and i have raisin into my mouth. Crewing raisin...which im brought along...  
I remember i had raisin offered by speculator of SCSM at last 10km! Her offer was memorable! i felt energy boast! This round i bring it myself to have it during run... 

After having raisin, i start to run back at slower speed and subsequent slowly increase bit by bit to achieve my normal speed... Woot... im feeling good... But my timing all gone. No sub-5, im just aim i can finish within 6 hours. 

At 30km mark, there's banana refill, power bar and lots of water! Im trying to go a little faster and whose know at point around 32km, muscle cramp again! Another electric shock like... have to revert to walking... Lost a lots of time again and im having my raisin again. this round im keep crewing and finishing all... i should have bring more raisin! 

Running night marathon in Malaysia is a very pity scenario here. Here got no supporters, no speculators and no cheer leader cheering the runners along the route and also volunteers support along the route! Im suffering my cramp and walking alone toward the finishing line... so lonely! Same thing with my Putrajaya Night Marathon on 6th Feb 2010. Walking let me do more thinking and it just making me feel down! 

At 1 stretch, i met with Peter, who have just done his ironman Langkawi not long ago. He treat this Energizer Night race as his recovery run, that's why he running quite slow. We walked together and i asked him about How to be an Ironman. Listening to his training experience really scary, its basically lifeless... Beside his working, all the time are training, training and training... Its was a good deep insight to how to be an ironman experience! 

After much of walking, i feel im ok, said thank to Peter and continue running back again! When im running, i not doing any thinking and im feel better and keep running... 

Last 2km remaining, i wanted to run faster, but its really turn me off... no 1 cheering, no 1 support, every1 were packing and ready to back home! im just maintain my speed and mix with some walking... 

Even the last 1km, argh... i can see a lots of people walking back, should be those 21km runners. Who were cheering for us... hardly got people cheer for us... mood still off... im ignoring others and just keep my slow turtle speed... 

Saw this finishing banner from far, yet mood still off.  

Finally i crossed finishing line with 5hrs 46 min. 

Completed my 3rd marathon or 2nd night marathon since December 2009. 

Collected my goodies and finisher T and medal! 

Yeah, im completed Energizer Night Race 2010 42.195km! 

Most of my Cari Runners were back, left a few. We were waiting while have our post race photo session again! hehe 

Can you find me? im at 190th positions... 

My 3rd 42.195km Finisher T Front view 

42.195km Finisher T back view... 2 big Energizer batteries ! haha 

omg.. im forgetting about my finishing medal!!!
Finishing medal front view!

Finishing medal back view! Weeee.. 42km finisher!

After the race, a lots of complains and congratulations being posted on Energizer Night Race facebook... Among   all the posts, 1 post said the marathon distance were under 42km! Its only 41km measured by GPS watch! i was like WTF.. no wonder im run faster than my 6 hours Putrajaya Night Marathon! 

Anyways, im feel better running in Energizer Night Race compared to Purtajaya Night marathon. 

Coming next marathon Singapore Adidas Sundown marathon. 

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