Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mamak Stall beside shop

Just now I had swept all the leaves and throw intro rubbish tong. What makes me ignorance is the rubbish from mamak stall, pink tissue, eggs, and all it’s plastic.
The mamak stall is a partnership among their relatives n friends from India. Each people take care the shop, mean they come (not all but a few of them) to Malaysia here and works for 1 or 2 years then only they go back to India. Ahmad is the youngest partner among them.
This mamak is exist same with my grandpa, I thinks…
Since the big rubbish tong is moved away to a very far place, throwing rubbish have become a very challenge task to perform, I have to use bikes to carry the rubbish and throw it… what a non-sense majlis Perbandaran Bandar Bharu (MPBB) Unlike last time, the big rubbish bin is beside the gas station which is a short distance.

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