Wednesday, September 13, 2006

my baby likes my baby, but whose know it give me the opposite feeling when im working with my colleague together.

why im feel like this?

it's because my laptop is just 13'3 inch a small laptop... which is only weighted 1.7KG, while my other colleagu's laptop is 15'4 inch laptop, weighted around 3KG.

they never complain about the weight of their laptop. i hate carrying 3KG laptop walking around... specially when need to walk for a long distance.

im anti-heavy weight laptop. i develop this anti feeling when im works at wisma UOA. Argh, for 2 weeks, i walked from office near KLCC to wisma UOA via KLCC tunnel. it's about 18 minutes walks. my shoulder is pain and hurt. From that movement i anti-heavy laptop.

Putting my laptop side by side with others, im the smallest.
anyway, im no regret have this laptop while carrying around.

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