Thursday, March 01, 2007

OMG, it’s happened again. But today is not bad as yesterday. My client is on half day leave. Afternoon, she will be back. But the problem is can she give me the entire thing in short time?

I’m been chasing her things for quite a long time, yet she can’t give it to me. I’m so de-motivated because of this. 1 normal debtor schedule also takes 2 days to give to me. While for the more complex schedule, how long she need to works it out and give it to me?

I’m really pessimistic although I try be to optimistic all the time. I can not pushing myself although other did not do their works properly.

Start from Monday, the first day of the week, I’m really pressure from the early morning. Although I’m slept at 2am, I can wake up with clear mind at 7am. Too much pressure on myself.

Monday when I’m reached client place, I feel better because I see the client and I proceed with my works. It was a good day with some progress. With some progress only. Thinking if continue at this rate, I can finished on tomorrow or Wednesday.

Tuesday, when I approached my client, I was chased out. She said she was busy and un-able to entertain me. Only afternoon she will give me things. Sigh. Whole morning been sitting and checking back on my works. Afternoon, after lunch, she suddenly walked in and said, I’M EMERGENCY LEAVE HALF DAY, got problems at home and she just leave like that, never give me something.

I’m really pening that time. I’m feel like I’m no hope already. No hope on finished this job. Feel like just want to quite. This even motivated my intention to faster send out my resume.

Wednesday, the first thing I do was check on my client. OMG, she still on EL. What I can do for the day. I wish I can EL as well. Since nothing I can do now. Zero percent of progress.

Thursday, is today. She on half day leave after found out from other clients. I’m expecting nothing much I can do today. Really on negative hope. Hopeless already.

Someone please come and rescue me!

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