Thursday, May 03, 2007


today around 1.45pm there is someone called me.
called my office... 2 times when im aways from my seat.

wondering who is calling me? client chasing account?

Rupanya is my Perodua agent. he said my car loan already approved and i need to go to public bank and sign the agreement before 4pm and see which day im free i can go and sign.

it's 2pm now.

hmmm... since it's not peak now, i thinks i going to get 2 hours time off. from 3.30pm till 5.30pm. hehe

finally i get approval from manager. it's 2.30pm now. waiting for 3.30pm.

3.52pm im finally reached bank. went to the 1st floor where the loan department locate.

OMG... so many pages i need to put down my signatures... pages by pages...
finally im done.

leave bank around 4.15pm. hmm seem quite a lots of signatures i ink down...

after that went to the Perodua showroom to charge my citibank credit card. pay part of my down payment.

sigh... he keep me waiting... and the process is longer than im expected...
im only leave the showroom around 5.20pm.

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