Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VolksWagen & The River Jungel Marathon 2011

Guess what...
What you can see from the photo below?
It's my The River Jungle Marathon race bib which the marathon will be held on coming Sunday 5.00am at Hulu Langat, Batu 18.

What's interest me is VolksWagen are the Official car for the River Jungle Marathon.! Running with a lot VW cars supporting us in the marathon!

For some, VW might seem not an interesting thing to you, but I visited the Das Auto show not long ago and was impressed by the show. :)

That's how and why I'm so excited with VW... haha...

Not sure what type of support cars will be on Sunday?

Touareg ? Perhaps most probably as it's a SUV can fetch lots of waters ! hehe

Polo ? Perhaps be one of the safety car? 

Golf ?  

Polo GTI ? It's would be great !  

Golf GTI... Wondering, if there's runners DNF, will organiser use this Golf GTI to fetch runner back to starting point? A very huge temptation to DNF right... haha... 

The power house of VW... As safety car too ? 

Eos..with hard top roof fully automatic transform to open air car!  this car is most suitable to fetch the official photographer RunWitMe to snap photos of runners ! 
Are you agree RunWitMe, PT ? haha... 

Passat CC - a big family car... can be use to fetch staffs to water station points. 

Tiguan... can carry the water and tables for water station! 

Lastly perhaps this red VW Beetle ? 
To be driven by pretty girls cheering runners along the 42km ! 
We love to see this happening... haha... 

All the best to all The River Jungle Marathon runners! 

Let's rock the Malaysia only boutique marathon on September 24, 2011, Sunday ! 

See you there... 


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