Monday, April 14, 2014

P2K Weekend KKB Ride - 06 April 2014.

Back to cycling. Back to my cycling group P2K. Rejoins back P2K for weekend ride. Last 2 weeks ago, we went to KKB. I been absent in cycling (outdoor real cycling on roadbike) for months, although im always consistent doing my RPM sessions in the gym. 

I'm really missing the feel of riding in peloton cruising 30km/hr to 40km/hr on highway! Somehow, i'm really terrible in hill climb and i got dropped at templer hills. I never able to catch up with the peloton. Sigh. That left 3 of us working together toward KKB from Rawang! 

Thank god, there's another group waiting. Waiting for us perhaps. From 3 riders, we now have about 8 to 9 riders in the peloton! It's become easier to ride ! We rides in peloton and each take turn to lead. I just love the feel of working together in peloton! 

There's huge turnout on that weekend. I dont know why. Perhaps its just some warming up for some who doing Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya last weekend. They went back via Ulu Yam route, while we another route went back the same route we came. 

#Selfie time while waiting for 1 female rider who having some sudden pains on her knee. Her speed dropped significantly. Hope she recover well. 

Blue or Gold for RM10.50 ? haha. We were refueling @ Shell station Rawang. Last stop before heading back to home. 

P2K riders were having their refuel. 

6 April 2014 - 131KM completed. 
Home - Uptown - Batu Cave - Rawang - KKB - Rawang - Kepong - Home.  

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