Sunday, May 18, 2014

Silent Mentor

Today was just another normal Sunday, LSD running with Bukit Aman Runners gang from lake garden to Hartamas. 

As usual, its was an enjoyable run that i can chit chat with others. 

Then suddenly, the ladies talks about something like filling up form, what's your last wish, what's your expectation from the medical students. Hmmm... interesting, why it relates to medical student and what's we can do to be their mentor? I was not following up the whole stories. 

I asked what's all about. They replied: "Silent Mentor" which donate your body for medical students to study. I ask how's about organ donation compared to this "silent mentor"? They asked me to google "Silent Mentor" to find out the details and you will know how it can helps medical students. Both of them expressed their interest of signing up in "Silent Mentor" and another runner should be also have the same interest to sign up as "silent mentor". 

They said not everyone can/able to accept the concept of "silent mentor" due to religious believe. Something keep playing in my mind since this morning......  

A google on "silent Mentor" lead me to understand more about "Silent Mentor". 

What is all about Silent Mentor Program

Minimally Invasive Laparo-Endoscopic Skill Training Centre

 University Malaya
Tzu-Chi University

An article by The Star report on "Silent Mentor" back in 2012. 

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