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Johor Road Trip 柔佛一路走 - Aug 2014

Its was closed friend wedding dinner in Johor Bahru back in end Aug 2014, and nothing will stop me from attending despite i need to travel alone by myself.  

On 30 Aug'14 Saturday morning/ noon, where i had my lunch and departed for Johor wedding dinner which start at 7:30pm.
JAM !!! Noticed the new model of Peugoet 2008 on the road ! Looks nice. 

The jam, somehow its make me worry whether i will be able to reach Johor on time or not despite i have 6 hours of traveling time! 

More jammmm!!! 

Somehow i reached at Johor Bahru just in time ! Opposite side is Singapore! 

A restaurant at Danga Bay. 
Congratulation to my friend on newly wed. 

 Wonderful sunset overseeing Singapore from Danga Bay !

To be honest, i feel like "jakun" felt like village boy entering to big city despite i been living in KL so many years. 
Johor Bahru is the real big city with such big scale on-going property development! 

Most of the units are snapped by Singaporeans as the sale agent said they likes to buy top floor as it oversee the Singapore! 
To Singaporeans, they are paying peanut to owns a super luxury condominium here and at the same time able to view Singapore land! 

To my dis-believe, the sale agent is foreigner who can speak good mandarin, cantonese and english as well. Guess the project is too huge too big to handle by local, thus import foreigners to handle sales and marketing ! Eye-opener !  
KL vs JB 
Small boy vs Big boy.

 Photo taken by my OnePlus One smartphone!

 Locals cant afford to buy one unit, but still can enjoys what's offering here! 

Quite happening at night time at Danga Bay ! 

Its mark end of my first day 30 Aug 2014 in Johor Bahru. Tired to max, went back to hotel and went into sleep by 11:00pm. I recall my first trip visit to JB was about 8 years ago, via flight, and subsequent by car. A lot of changes! Really dam lot of changes and development !

The next day morning, 31 Aug 2014, Happy Merdeka ! My breakfast started with Wan Tan Mee @ Kulai. Initially was looking for famous beef noodle, somehow foursquare location map bring me to no where. Cant spot the stall / shop at roadside.

Too hungry to continue search for my planned beef noodle, instead settled with Wan Tan Mee stall which i found nearby at roadside! The wan tan mee which is not recommended, tasteless, dis-satisfaction but my hungry is settled, i felt now its time for me looks around for beef noodle and opened my FourSquare again and a search on google!  

 Thank god! I found the beef noodle that everyone in Kulai mentioning!!!
Its live up to my expectation and its really good ! FULL HOUSE on early morning, yet Kulai town looks like very quite. 
4:30am start selling !!!??? 

 I will be back again!!! 

 Foursquare location map brought to until here only never bring me entering the small street leading to beef noodle stall / shop ! This is the landmark to remember ! 

 A small lorong look quite yet inside is really happening !!! The very crowded famous Beef noodle !!!
 Opposite the Fujiflim is this shop ! 
Okay, i'm fully satisfied with the foods ! Next stop --> Kluang ! 

Kluang Railway Station, the name that i always hear and see in KL but never have the chance to visit the original Kluang Railway Station ! It's about 81KM away from Kulai, 1 hour 2 mins journey as calculated by Google Map. 

I cant believe, Kluang Railway Station is CLOSED on Merdeka day, SUNDAY ! Oh My God ! 

 Y U CLOSE ! i'm in shock and clueless where to next to replace Kluang Railway Station ! 
 Driving. Keep driving and thinking where to. Then i recalled my OnePlus forum MIS friend did mentioned about his aunty's awesome curry laksa somewhere at old wet market in Kluang !

 Opened up Foursquare and i found this curry laksa at Gerai Makan Botak 摩达伽哩面!

 First time tasting Johor Curry laksa. Something new to me. Cant really compare apple with apple on curry laksa i used to have in KL, Petaling Street.
 The Curry Laksa stall was packed and i think i waited for more than 20 minutes for my turn! Not bad. But i still prefer KL's one, perhaps i used with it already.

Kluang stop settled with Curry Laksa, at least i'm not leaving with empty stomach ! kekeke...
Next Stop is Yong Peng fish ball noodle ---> 45 KM away !

 The so called handmade fish ball noodle ! 

 At Yong Peng, its not hard to spot the Fish Ball Noodle that recommended by friend as its just beside the Caltex petrol station, and its just beside the main road ! Easy to spot.

Somehow, I dont feel anything special about the fish ball. Suddenly i recalled the Raja Uda Fish ball noodle kuey Teow soup that happens to be my relative! It's been long long time i never go visit and have a bowl of fish ball noodle! Their fishball also handmade! Argh... 
 Water bottle as tower in Yong Peng new village ! 

Next, my last stop - Tangkak 东甲, 77 KM away ! 
Before this, i did my homework, there's many stalls selling beef noodle until i did not really write down specific beef noodle to try ! 
When reaching Tangkak, i opened my Foursquare again, and choose one beef noodle that popular ! 

FULL HOUSE crowded beef noodle shop !!!! 

 Morning had Kulai Beef Noodle, and now afternoon another round of beef noodle at Tangkak ! 
Now Kulai Vs Tangkak beef noodles both are equally good !!! 

Beef noodle @ Tangka mark the ending of my food journey in Johor ! My next stop is KL, home. 
Despite i'm doing it alone, i enjoys it. 

Coming Friday, 14 Nov 2014, i will begins another of Johor Road Trip again! 
Beside Kluang Railway Station, i'm now thinking exploring another food path along my road trip ! 

Pontian Wan Tan Mee? 
Explore food in Johor Bahru town? 

Friday - KL - Desaru 
Can detour to many places, as long as i reach Desaru by 5pm? 
Saturday - Century Ride 160km, evening is the time slot available to explore foods beside rest. 
Sunday - The road trip back KL begins! 

All photos all above were taken with OnePlus One Smartphone. :) 

Johor Master Century Ride, I'm kambing !!! 

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