Saturday, July 04, 2015

Postcrossing Postcards @ MH17

Its was a heartbreaking Friday morning when i decided to check my mail box in the morning before going to work. I saw these two mails from PostNL, which consists of my Postcrossing Project postcard addressed to me sent 1 year ago! 

These two postcards were in the flight of #MH17 on the way to Malaysia on 14 July 2014. 

Thank you PostNL. 

PostNL explained the details of the mail. 

Managed to register NL-257484 !!! 

Tried to register this BY-1311168 postcard but failed as postcard sent over 1 year can not be register!  

Hope the sender of this postcard read my message! I got your postcard!!! 

Updates: The contain from PostNL letter. 

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