Saturday, February 05, 2005

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5 February 2005
Today as usual I wake up not quite early, fetch grandpa go to shop and open shop.
Have my breakfast in a new built malay mamak stall! Which is also my favourite teh ais !! hehe !
Later my mum ask me go to back with her. Ai…mum keep telling bank staff that I’m her big son… back from KL… I hate this…
Noon, I online for a while, met Swee Ling, my oldest net fren I ever know since I start learn to online since form4.
Then have sleep. Had my lunch, then wen to shop to jaga…so sien… sleep again on the chair.
My grandpa’s friends come over and sit. My grandpa have back to home to rest and have lunch. Left me and grandma in the shop. My grandma ask my grandpa’s friends what they discuss last night until so late! Rupanya, my grandpa talk about how to distribute his property to his son… guess what… my grandma totally disagree with what my grandpa said. Ai… rupanya my family got so many problems. Then my grandma start begin to talk about past… which she get an unfair treatment form my grandpa’s brothers who only care about relative in China last time. Grandpa’s brother always sent money back to China whenever got any surplus money, even my grandpa didn’t get his share! And my grandma was very angry about that! That time my grandpa is working with his brother, and the big brother always get the bigger share! When my uncle’s sick ( when small) my grandma got no money to go to see doctor even ask from my grandpa’s bother. They only give little money sometimes no money is given! My grandma have to save the money by her own! This story I had heard few times… I dun understand why that time my grandpa’s thinking! He seem agree everything on decision of his bother even at his loss.
I have sent so many greeting sms to fren…. But only few of them reply me!! Feel very disappointed. Han Yang come to my shop and have a chat with me! He so curious about Tembakua… then I gave him a try…
About 6pm, start to close shop….wen to cut my hair! At here only cost RM4 to cut a hair while in KL the cheapest is Rm10.

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