Monday, February 07, 2005


My grandpa so old and his leg are not yet recovered, he still wanted to ride bicycle. I really can’t understand what his thinking.
Last night, I found out that my dad is always going to “Bukit Kayu Hitam”, which located at another side of state north parts very near to Thailand. Why my dad is doing that? Always go to there so far! For what? So many questions I’m thinking in my mind. My mum is telling my aunt while I’m sitting beside. My mum guess is go there to gamble and there is possibilities that my dad got another women in there which my mum cant verity or confirm. One thing for sure is my dad got told my mum that he is going to Bukit Kayu Hitam!!! My dad seem want to let my mum know… what’s his intention?
My dad is disappointing us so many times. At first, he disappear without notice, when we found out where he is, he already borrow a lots of money from “Loan Shark” and his friends to gamble. When only he got no money, facing with a lots of debts, then baru he come back. Then we my mum, grandma and mum have to settle his debts. Now my mum is our financial controller this is to safeguard the asset and money from using by my dad for gamble. Even the business is transfer to my mum’s name.
As time pass, the Loan Shark and his friends is coming towards asking for money lend. My grandpa agrees to pay back using his money. Can you imaging that almost Rm30,000 is use to repay my dad’s debts! I think this amount can be higher as I only know part of it.

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