Wednesday, April 06, 2005


i was back from tuition FTMS, it was 10.10pm...i was buying TAI PAU for my supper, then i saw 1,2,3,4,5 lorries pass by! that were DBKL lorries... i thinks they will sapu all the table and chairs put by the Hawker's centre on the road... can go to watch how they sapu leh... so nice got interesting things to watch!! hehe...The Sky, The Only 1, Restaurant Genting Kelang, Pheng Lin, and 1 mamak forget it's name!! their tables and chairs all kena SAPU... wah...this is wat i wan to watch!! but later i found tht my heart feel uneasy... is time to go home and eat my tai pau...i can see the owner of these shop is black... and the DBKL lorries is blocking the road... very jamms for car... motor also face problmes to passby...

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