Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Morning, I wake up earlier than usual…
I went down buys newspaper and post the Renting Rooms notice at the wall roadside there… just feel that need to post it today
So back home and read newspapers and then start my revision…
Call is coming….enquires about the Rooms…
Got so many calls but only a few of them come up and see the room and house….

1st 2 girls came. They wanted to have 3 people staying in medium room. And they once came inside the house asked where I can put my tables? I reply” we prefer ur to study in the rooms… only then they said wanted 3 people…seem disappointed and go back.

2nd couple. The BF do all the asking for his GF. Ask this and that…. Then common reply need times to consider….

3rd 1 guy 1 gal. it’s seem the guy just accompany the gal. the gal asked all kind of questions. She is asking for her friend in hometown

4th 1 gal 2 guys. One of the guy is bf of the gal. the gal do all the asking… seem very satisfy…but after heard only available after 15 June she seem shock and disappointed. Then went off…

5th 1 guy, 3 gals…the 2 gals wan to find medium room. Another gal is her mum and sister. Wo…so talkative. And likes explaining the situation to her mum. I’m just stand 1 side and listen… after that common answer agains….
They come back agains…said wanna see the room again…they start planning what to put and where…. Then come to rental payment. They 1st time renting, dun know the rules… that is 2 months deposit. After tht they seem reluctance to pay so much… they cant agree each other….then just went off !

6th couple. This time is the guy who wan to rent. He seem ok with everything except the rental we charge.. he is asking whether can reduce….sorry it’s fixed. Then went off…

7th… this 1 is a guys… message me so many times asking me this and that before he come. Even when he wan to come he also sms me… he come at 9pm. Have a look at small room 1st, then medium room. Explaining all the things to him… “I wanted to rent both the room” so lega I heard this words… finally this “fan” gone… now can concentrate on my revision.

after wrote this,
IVANA, you are fired! haha

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