Friday, September 23, 2005

23 Sept
Going to London at 7.35am bus and is estimated will reach in London around 12.35pm.
stay hotel 1 night with many friends sharing 1 room.

24Sept - 9 Oct
8am gathering at the Speaker Conners for the Euro trips and our journey 16 Days ‘CONQUEST OF EUROPE’ ITINERARY will begin.

9 Oct
Back to London around 5pm. i think we all will be very tired, and hope to have a nice rest at Malaysian Hall.

10 Oct-12 Oct
Going around London... and sightseeing...

12 Oct
we will be back to Sheffield from London with 7.35pm bus and extimated will be reach in Sheffield about 11.30pm. i maybe will be stay in friend's house or stay overnight at bus stop.

13 OCt- 19 Oct
Our journey to Scotland for 7 days.

20 Oct
Will going to London, but this time is with train.... my tickets just cost £3.95. i booked it a months before the travelling time.

22 Oct
Fly to Barcelona from London Gatwick with EasyJet. will reach at Barcelona around 10pm.

Sightseeing and visiting around the city

25 Oct
Fly to Paris Beauvais from Barcelona Girona at 8pm flight with Ryanair.

26 Oct
take 2.30pm train back to London from Paris with Eurostar.

27 Oct
Back to Sheffield by train.

28 Oct
Morning will be take train to Manchester airport. If time allowed i thinks i will be going to Manchester United Football Stadium again... to re-visit it again.
8pm flight back to MALAYSIA.

29 Oct
Estimated 4.30pm i will be touch down at KLIA airport....

Basically this is my whole month travelling plan... so i thinks i will not online for 1 month...

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