Wednesday, November 02, 2005

uncle 1 and uncle 2

Back to Hometown, it was raining and I reached home about 8.30pm. it’s unbelieveable. I took 12.30pm bus, and the bus late 1 hour depart from perhentian Duta. Then it drive very slow… normally my journey take about 4 to 5 hours to back home. But I spend about 6 hours… this is because this bus is BUS KILANG. Aiks… I forget already… tht is only buy tickets from reputable bus company….

On that night my uncle 2 called, and asked me to go Singapore to find job. Why he suggest this leh? Because he regret dint go to Singapore last time. He start to give example of relatives who successful find their fortune in Singapore.

Suddenly i was carried away by him. i dun know how to asnwer my uncle. just keep quite and listen. i just know i answered him by saying i wanna complete my ACCA 1st in KL. then he replied Sg also can study ACCA.

i was thinking why would i want to go to Singapore? if i wanted, i would already made my choice 4 years ago to decide study in Sg. but i din. and i din regret of not going to Sg.
instead i choice to stay in msia, Penang TARC...
i know a lots of friends and i enjoy it.
i din regret what i'm study now... and i also know in msia here also can find my fortune.

while my uncle 1 is very sopportive. he suggest me find an audit firm works until 3 months before ACCA exam then concentre on study.


Anonymous said...

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Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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