Thursday, March 02, 2006

today, went out audit with another assistant... who is also tarcian... same batch with me, friend of terry.
she entered MR much more early than me. about 4 months plus... so she lead the job.

we finished at 6pm...she left me at the roadside, as her boy friend is coming to fetch her. i alone take taxi back to office as my motor was parked at office building. i took taxi from jln low yew back to office... broad in taxi, feeling very sien...

so i pretend to ask what this sound about? i know this is call centre to let taxi know where to pick customer... just asking for fun n break the ice... Rupanya, he is tarcian also...graduate at 1979 studying EE course. he said he got 1 big company, and went collaps during difficult time...

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