Saturday, April 28, 2007


24 April 2007

I was wake up by my roommate. Im over sleep. OMG… and my ratio alarm is not working.
Immediately I called my colleague to find out how their status. OMG… and another guy colleague also still in sleeping. Then I called another 2 gals colleagues. OMG… shit, they waited my colleagues to fetch them since 4.00am… they cant sleep wake up around 3.30am.

OMG… I’m sweating.

finally able to contact my colleagues. He is just wake up. He said can reach my place in 30 minutes. Oh shit, I booked taxi limo at 5.15am. the taxi driver is reached my place on time and I have to ask him to wait for another 30 minutes. Shit, we were kena charge waiting charge RM40 per hours.


I din bath, just wash face and change cloths and then have my usual breakfast. Nescafe + Oat. With the worrying heart, I’m finished my breakfast. Sigh… thinking for the worse and thinking how to correct it. How much money I’m going to spend for it. OMG… all is in my mind… thinks so much…


Finally my colleagues came and he fetched other 2 gal colleagues. Btw, my flight is 7.25am worried about we cant make it. Sigh… sitting inside the limo… with the heavy heart.


We finally reached at KLIA. I was thinking when the gate will be closed? 30 minutes before departure? Thanks god, it is 10 minutes before the departure time.


after we check in, we rush to the gate. The departure gate A9, until now I’m still can clearly remember what happened on that day.


we finally sitting down and the plane is ready for take off.

We were walking out to Senai Airport. We finally make it. Client is not yet reach while we were waling around and I had my donut.


The lunch time, client took us to the restaurant nearby which is walking distance.

The client is bringing us to Indonesia restaurant. The food is nice.


We all rest at Ponderosa, a golf resort which located nearby my client office. Here in JB, im staying at another golf resort. It’s have different feeling from the previous 1.
It’s nice.

25 April 2007


We were having Bak Kut Teh as our breakfast. OMG… heavy breakfast and eating a lots of pork meat. Really heavy


The client is bring us to restaurant, I thinks it’s quite high class. Client ordered “盘 chai” where a lots of food is put in 1 big bowl. Client said, it is popular in the Hong Kong.


GM is joining us for diner. He bring us to “ Beijing 楼” it’s located inside a golf club. Again we were having a nice meal

Think, thinks and thinks, since we were in JB we were eating so much of nice good. I thinks almost each time eating also nice 1.

Just now, my colleague’s uncle came and fetch us to The Zon. Our auditor favaorite as there is a free duty zone. As usual, we brought chocolate as a gift back to office. Everyone is contribute abit for the fund to buy chocolate. While my colleague is buying “chisva” for RM50. he so excited for it. But I got mention to him that you might to kena “tax” when you pass though Kastam. He kena for it, is RM20.

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